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How Can You Pay For Your Purchase?
We Support the Following Payment Options:

CODCash On Delivery
Using this service, you can pay cash to the delivery agent upon receiving your order. This service will enable you to shop at and hassle-free. When you make a purchase using the Cash on Delivery option, your product will be booked. Our Customer Care Expert will call to confirm your order before it gets dispatched. You can pay in cash to the delivery agent upon receiving your order. However, in some cases, we require full or partial advance payments where order total exceeds COD threshold or supplier requires pre-payments before arranging the product. Delivery time may vary product to product…

BankingPre-Pay [Free Delivery]
We offer JazzCash-EasyPaisa & Net Banking Payments You Can pay us via Online Bank Transfer, Your Account will Be Protected Using Industry-Leading Encryption Standards. We Guarantee a Safe and Secure Transaction System So as to Ensure a Trustworthy Online Shopping Experience For Our Customers & Our Account Register By NTN-FBR. If Full or Partial Payment Is Made As an Advance. You will Get Free Delivery and Discount Coupon for the next Shopping.

You have a choice to send cash payments directly to our offline Stores. In Some Cases, for the Safety of Our Customer, to Prevent any Fraudulent Issues and to Process their Order “Cash Payment” is Compulsory. Such Cases are When You Live in a Different City, Your Order is Beyond Our Cash On Delivery Limit, or When You Insist on Paying Cash Before the Delivery. We are Launching Our offline Stores in Lahore and Islamabad Very soon. If You Need any further Information Regarding Cash Payment, You Can Contact Us. It is an Easy Way to Pay for Most of the People Living in Karachi.

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